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12 West Market Street
Corning, NY 14830

Gallery Hours
January - May

M-Fri 10 - 5:30
Sat 10 - 4:00
Sun By appointment

Closed: May 13, July 4, Nov 22, Closing early on Dec 24, Closed Dec 25 & Jan 1

Please call to schedule an appointment outside of posted hours.

2013 Directors Choice

Images below are details only. Click on the images below to view enlargements, titles, prices, mediums and sizes. Sizes listed are image size only. Framing will add to the artwork's overall dimensions. Click "View Slideshow Button" to view a slideshow of the images below.

  • View Slideshow

    View Details"At the Pond" by Joseph Daily
  • View Details "Preparations for Spring" by Joseph Daily
  • View Details"Artist’s Fiancee" by Joseph Daily SOLD
  • View Details "2 Pears and 2 Green Bottles" by Trish Coonrod SOLD
  • View Details"2 Pears, Fig and Raspberries" by Trish Coonrod
  • View Details "Brushes and Brass Bowl" by Thomas Buechner
  • View Details "Surrounded" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details "End of Day" by Martin Poole SOLD
  • View Details "Wine of Release" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details "Sunlit Barn, Country Road" by Tom Gardner SOLD
  • View Details"Sloping Vineyard" by Brian Hart
  • View Details"Clute Park at Sunset" by Brian Hart
  • View Details "Water Garden" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Cornell Plantation" by Bob Santandrea
  • View Details "1000 Islands" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details"Light Through Prism" by Treacy Ziegler
  • View Details"Fragments" by GC Myers
  • View Details"History Revisited" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details "Watermelon Slices" by Ileen Kaplan
  • View Details"Jade Crackle Bowl" by Paul Willsea and Carol O’Brien
  • View Details"Fish Vase" 20"- 26" by Paul Willsea and Carol O’Brien
  • View Details "Barn in Winter" by Jonathan D. Ebinger
  • View Details"Eye to Eye" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details "Looking at Homer" by Richard Henry
  • View Details "Take It Off" by Dana Hawk
  • View Details "Apricat Takes Five" by Deborah Bayly
  • View Details "Forget Me Not" Tom Gardner
  • View Details "Lilacs in a Glass" by Ileen Kaplan
  • View Details"A Summer Bouquet of Cosmos" by Valorie Rohver SOLD
  • View Details "The Dancing Apple" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details"The Last Peonies" Deborah Bayly
  • View Details "A Wish for Spring" by Joseph Daily
  • View Details"Trillium" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details"Zoot Suit Necklace" by Becky Congdon SOLD
  • View Details "Green Landscape #3" by Sheila Ortiz
  • View Details "Keuka Evening Over Hammondsport" by Brian Keeler
  • View Details"Toad’s View" by Bridget Bossart van Otterloo SOLD
  • View Details "Keuka Moon" by Bridget Bossart van Otterloo SOLD
  • View Details"Along the Trail" by Terry Oakden SOLD
  • View Details "One Boat, Keuka" by Terry Oakden
  • View Details "Time Serene" by GC Myers
  • View Details "Inner Perception" by GC Myers
  • View Details "A Winter Afternoon at Dansville" by Bin Zhang SOLD
  • View Details"Duo" by Martin A. Poole
  • View Details"Waterfall" by Tracy Fiegl SOLD
  • View Details "Mushrooms" by David Buck
  • View Details"Dewdrops" by Jennifer Fais SOLD
  • View Details"Cayuga Sunset" by Jeff Perrault
  • View Details  "Silver Sails" by Anne. L. Bialke
  • View Details "Sundrops" by Anne L. Bialke SOLD
  • View Details "Manly Flower Bowls" by Ross Delano (Photo credit: Ann Cady)
  • View Details "Abundant Life" by GC Myers
  • View Details "Summer Vineyard" by Cynthia Cratsley
  • View Details"Three Colors" by Ileen Kaplan
  • View Details "Shadow Play" by Caleb Harrington
  • View Details "Follow Your Path" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Apple Bowl" by Eric Holbein
  • View Details"Kitchen Window During a March Snow Storm" by Jeff Perrault
  • View Details"Violet Sunrise" by Bruce Baxter SOLD
  • View Details"White Roses" by Thomas S. Buechner SOLD
  • View Details "Phillipean Lilies in Brass Bowl" by Thomas S. Buechner
  • View Details "Cow Graze" by Wilson Ong SOLD
  • View Details "Fresh Raspberries" by Bridget Bossart van Otterloo
  • View Details"Homecoming" 7x5 mixed media by Wynn Yarrow
  • View Details "Peony Couple" by Bridget Bossart van Otterloo
  • View Details"Nantucket" by Thomas S. Buechner
  • View Details"Regatta Trio" bronze sculpture by Rosie Sandifer
  • View Details"Fish Face" metal sculpture by Dion Wright SOLD
  • View Details"Self Portrait in Red" oil by Maria Holbein
  • View Details"Summer Night" oil by Martin Poole SOLD
  • View Details"All That Appears" by Edd Tokarz Harnas SOLD
  • View Details"Old World Cafe"  gouache by Chris Baker
  • View Details"Reliquary" by David Higgins
  • View Details"American Landscape" by David Higgins

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Please note that all artwork is subject to pre-sale prior to an opening reception. 
We do our best to keep all information online up-to-date. However, we ask that you please contact us to verify availability of any artwork shown above. 
Framing: All paintings and drawings are sold with existing frames unless otherwise noted. If buying artwork sight-unseen we would be happy to send images of the artwork in its original frame.

All major credit cards accepted:
All major credit cards accepted at West End Gallery Corning, NY

Please ask us for details

West End Gallery Policy:
Returns: Artwork in original condition may be returned within 7 business days of purchase for store credit
Holds: We will gladly put a 3-day hold on artwork.  However, we cannot put holds on featured artwork on the day of the opening reception.
Payment plan: Payment in full or 60-day payment plan - 1/3 non-refundable deposit, 1/3 payment at 30 days and final payment at 60 days.
Pick-up: Artwork may be picked-up once final payment has been made.
Discounts: We can no longer offer discounts.
Commissions: Please contact us if interested. Commission Agreement

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