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2013 In the Limelight Soprano

Images below are details only. Click on the images below to view enlargements, titles, prices, mediums and sizes. Sizes listed are image size only. Framing will add to the artwork's overall dimensions. Click "View Slideshow Button" to view a slideshow of the images below.

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    View Details "Cottage on Monhegan Island" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details "Skaway Stream" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details "Wanakena (Adirondacks)" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details "Silka Bay Alaska" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details "At the Vic" by Judy Soprano SOLD
  • View Details "View of Ausable River" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details"Hondo Seco" by Judy Soprano
  • View Details "Adobe" by Judy Soprano

Artist Statement/Bio: “I opened the door to my creativity and found my soul.  I grew up on a farm so my love for the rural scenes is easily seen in all of my paintings.  I love the way farmers construct barns and sheds on their farms.  It seems to me to be very creative for one barn to be built then the add-ons come as the years go on and as the need arises.  Our barn was the playground for my brothers and I.  It was our Tarzan swing, our fort for cowboys and Indians and our castle for the king and queen (I was always the queen).  My next love is trees.  I love them in the winter when you can see their bones.  And next come shadows.  The way shadows run across the land…I can see them moving when I paint them into a winter scene.  They show me how the land lies and how it rises and falls over the bumps in the back land of our farm.  The greatest compliment I ever received was when my nephew at age 9 said he could ride his bike down the road in one of my paintings.  For a landscape painter that was the best compliment ever because that little boy saw depth in the scene on the flat surface of the canvas. How exciting!  I work in both oil and watercolor but I love to draw…my sketchpad is my constant companion.  I can’t think of a better way to say it and it sounds like very poor grammar but…”I can’t not paint”.  I feel that my life has been enriched in many ways: my husband, my children & my obsession with creating art." 


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Please note that all artwork is subject to pre-sale prior to an opening reception. 
We do our best to keep all information online up-to-date. However, we ask that you please contact us to verify availability of any artwork shown above. 
Framing: All paintings and drawings are sold with existing frames unless otherwise noted. If buying artwork sight-unseen we would be happy to send images of the artwork in its original frame.

All major credit cards accepted:
All major credit cards accepted at West End Gallery Corning, NY

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West End Gallery Policy:
Returns: Artwork in original condition may be returned within 7 business days of purchase for store credit
Holds: We will gladly put a 3-day hold on artwork.  However, we cannot put holds on featured artwork on the day of the opening reception.
Payment plan: Payment in full or 60-day payment plan - 1/3 non-refundable deposit, 1/3 payment at 30 days and final payment at 60 days.
Pick-up: Artwork may be picked-up once final payment has been made.
Discounts: We can no longer offer discounts.
Commissions: Please contact us if interested. Commission Agreement

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