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2017 GC Myers Exhibit

Images below are details only. Click on the images below to view enlargements, titles, prices, mediums and sizes. Sizes listed are image size only. Framing will add to the artwork's overall dimensions. Click "View Slideshow Button" to view a slideshow of the images below.

  • View Slideshow

    View Details"Ask the Night" by GC Myers
  • View Details"A Life" by GC Myers
  • View Details"A Trinity" by GC Myers
  • View Details"A Warmer Solitude" by GC Myers
  • View Details"All Is Peace" by GC Myers
  • View Details"All We Do Not Know" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Archaeology The Golden Age Beyond" by GC Myers
  • View Details"At a Loss" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Bask" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Beyond Distraction" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Cleansed" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Destination Seen" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Divination" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Dominion" by GC Myers HOLD
  • View Details"Empowered" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Escapist" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Familial Bond" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Guided Through" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"In Dusk" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Magistrum" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Night Sounds" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"On Edges" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Pacifica" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Parade" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Peaceful Abode" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Peaking" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Private Enclave" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Reaching Out" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Revealed in Light" by GC Myers
  • View Details"River Angel" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Safe Harbor" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Sea Life" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Self Determination" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Self Preservation" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Shangri La" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Suffering Memory" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Sustenance" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Sweet Seclusion" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Bruise of the Moon" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Gratitude" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Stream Flows On" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Untold Want" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Veil and the Heart" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Way of the Master" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Watchful Eye" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"To Elysium" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Watchman" by GC Myers
  • View Details"With Nothing to Hide" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Xaipe" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Moved to Action" by GC Myers SOLD

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Please note that all artwork is subject to pre-sale prior to an opening reception. 
We do our best to keep all information online up-to-date. However, we ask that you please contact us to verify availability of any artwork shown above. 
Framing: All paintings and drawings are sold with existing frames unless otherwise noted. If buying artwork sight-unseen we would be happy to send images of the artwork in its original frame.

All major credit cards accepted:
All major credit cards accepted at West End Gallery Corning, NY

Please ask us for details

West End Gallery Policy:
Returns: Artwork in original condition may be returned within 7 business days of purchase for store credit
Holds: We will gladly put a 3-day hold on artwork.  However, we cannot put holds on featured artwork on the day of the opening reception.
Payment plan: Payment in full or 60-day payment plan - 1/3 non-refundable deposit, 1/3 payment at 30 days and final payment at 60 days.
Pick-up: Artwork may be picked-up once final payment has been made.
Discounts: We can no longer offer discounts.
Commissions: Please contact us if interested. Commission Agreement

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