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M - F: 10:00 - 5:30
Sat: 10:00 - 4:00
Sun: Closed

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Closed: July 4, Nov 23, Dec 25 & Jan 1

If weather conditions are questionable, please call prior to visiting to verify business hours.

2018 Little Gems Exhibit

Images below are details only. Click on the images below to view enlargements, titles, prices, mediums and sizes. Sizes listed are image size only. Framing will add to the artwork's overall dimensions. Click "View Slideshow Button" to view a slideshow of the images below.

  • View Slideshow

    View Details"Stout" by Gina Pfleegor
  • View Details"Martini" by Gina Pfleegor SOLD
  • View Details"White Wine" by Gina Pfleegor
  • View Details"Red Wine" by Gina Pfleegor SOLD
  • View Details"Rose, Lily and Hydrangea" by Sheila Ortiz
  • View Details"Yarka Hydrangea" by Sheila Ortiz
  • View Details"Pondering Blue" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Timerunner" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Memory of the Crow" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Hidden Treasure" by GC Myers
  • View Details"The Crow's Elegy" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Sorrow’s Companion" by GC Myers
  • View Details"Night Gems" by GC Myers SOLD
  • View Details"Nile Crocodile Rock" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Swiss Cheese" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Cat 'n' Combs" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Feline Fiddler" by Wilson Ong SOLD
  • View Details"Badger Baguettes" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Boar'd Game" by Wilson Ong SOLD
  • View Details"Home On the Range" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Billy Echidna" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Pork Chop" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Ready for My Close Up" by Amy Hutto SOLD
  • View Details"Portrait of a Ladies Man" by Amy Hutto SOLD
  • View Details"She Said Whaaa?" by Amy Hutto
  • View Details"Aspen Glow I" by Amy Hutto
  • View Details"Aspen Glow II" by Amy Hutto
  • View Details"Josephina" by Amy Hutto SOLD
  • View Details"Fox and Poppies II" by Amy Hutto
  • View Details"Fox and Poppies I" by Amy Hutto SOLD
  • View Details"Stella" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details"Little Red Grapes" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details"Purple Crocus" by Valorie Rohver
  • View Details"Labradorite Earring and Necklace Set" (Necklace Shown) by San Fortune
  • View Details"Labradorite Earring and Necklace Set" (Earrings Shown) by San Fortune
  • View Details"Turritella Agate Pendant" by San Fortune
  • View Details"Exploration No. 1" by San Fortune SOLD
  • View Details"Pup in the Round" by Dana Hawk SOLD
  • View Details"Owl" by Treacy Ziegler
  • View Details"Hawk" by Treacy Ziegler
  • View Details"Stork" by Treacy Ziegler
  • View Details"Vibrant I" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Thankful" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Remade" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Potential" by Rebecca Finch
  • View DetailsRebecca Finch "Miraculous" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Liberty" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Hopeful" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Expectant" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Eternal" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Delivered" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Courageous" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Complete" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Boundless" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Adorned" by Rebecca Finch
  • View Details"Of Happiness" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details"Spring Fever" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details"Nearly Gold" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details"Here's Looking at You" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details"Tasty Greens" by Jennifer Fais
  • View Details"Sungold Tomato" by Trish Coonrod
  • View Details"Raspberry" by Trish Coonrod
  • View Details"After the Snow" by Anne Bialke
  • View Details"A Moment's Pause" by Deb Gurman
  • View Details"Boardwalk Respite" by Deb Gurman
  • View Details"The Hayfield at Sunset" by Linda Hansee
  • View Details"Summertime on the Chemung" by Linda Hansee
  • View Details"Farmland Above Waneta Lake" by Linda Hansee
  • View Details"Nesting Time" by Linda Hansee
  • View Details"The Clapham Omnibus" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"Schwarz Macht Schlank" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"Canticle of the Sun" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"The Martha Mitchell Effect" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"Lincoln #7" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"Hold It In" by Edd Tokarz Harnas
  • View Details"Pink Polish - Red Polish" by Ileen Kaplan
  • View Details"Bovine Trio" by Ileen Kaplan SOLD
  • View Details"Geraniums and Strawberries" by Ileen Kaplan
  • View Details"Relief - Male Back 1/25" by Gary Wesiman
  • View Details"Nine Wooly Sheep" by Maria Victoria Savka
  • View Details"Tiniest Wool Varieties 27/42" by Maria Victoria Savka
  • View Details"Jane" by Maria Victoria Savka
  • View Details"Alice Color IX" by Maria Victoria Savka
  • View Details"Moonlight" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Pasta Salad Chaos" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Water Balloons" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Cherries" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Sugar Cubes" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Strawberry Star" by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Glass Marbles No. 2" (3) by Kenneth Cobb
  • View Details"Brown Goat" by Cynthia Cratsley
  • View Details"Green Goat" by Cynthia Cratsley
  • View Details"Uncommitted Hedgehogs in Love" by Cynthia Cratsley
  • View Details"Hedgeheart" by Cynthia Cratsley
  • View Details"Blossom" by Wynn Yarrow
  • View Details"Enchanted Autumn" by Wynn Yarrow
  • View Details"Winter Shadows" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Fog Along the Edges" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Valley Road" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Farm Shadows" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Along the Shore" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Winter Sunlight" 6x8 oil $250.
  • View Details"Through the Woods" by James Ramsdell SOLD
  • View Details"Sunday Morning" by James Ramsdell SOLD
  • View Details"Spring Fishing" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Shaded Road" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Hill Side" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Garden Statue" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"Ever Vigilant" by James Ramsdell
  • View Details"My Caton Hills" by Lucretia West
  • View Details"Sunny Day in Winter" by Lucretia West
  • View Details"Evening on the River" by Lucretia West
  • View DetailsLucretia West "Autumn Harvest" by Lucretia West SOLD
  • View Details"Here Comes the Sun" by Lucretia West
  • View Details"Lab Work" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Ay, Chihuahua" by Wilson Ong
  • View Details"Skunk Punk" by Wilson Ong
  • View DetailsZ Brrrrr by Wilson Ong

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Please note that all artwork is subject to pre-sale prior to an opening reception. 
We do our best to keep all information online up-to-date. However, we ask that you please contact us to verify availability of any artwork shown above. 
Framing: All paintings and drawings are sold with existing frames unless otherwise noted. If buying artwork sight-unseen we would be happy to send images of the artwork in its original frame.

All major credit cards accepted:
All major credit cards accepted at West End Gallery Corning, NY

Please ask us for details

West End Gallery Policy:
Returns: Artwork in original condition may be returned within 7 business days of purchase for store credit
Holds: We will gladly put a 3-day hold on artwork.  However, we cannot put holds on featured artwork on the day of the opening reception.
Payment plan: Payment in full or 60-day payment plan - 1/3 non-refundable deposit, 1/3 payment at 30 days and final payment at 60 days.
Pick-up: Artwork may be picked-up once final payment has been made.
Discounts: We can no longer offer discounts.
Commissions: Please contact us if interested. Commission Agreement

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