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Joseph Daily
Portrait Commissions






Most of my commissioned portraits are near to life-sized, full color oil paintings on linen canvas. If you happen to live near Binghamton, NY, I would prefer to paint your portrait from life in a series of three-hour sittings … but a long-distance commission will involve two visits to your location. I am happy to stay at your home, a hotel, or in any other convenient accommodation.

1. First Visit: The first step is to discuss possibilities for portrait size, setting, clothing, and composition. Once a general conception for the painting has been established, I conduct a digital photography session — usually in the subject’s home or office. Then we review the photographs together on my laptop to ensure that the images are turning out well. After the photo session, I paint a small sketch of the subject’s head from life, to serve as a memory aid when I am back in my studio. This sitting takes about three hours.

2. Studio Work: At home, I continue to fine-tune the reference photographs on my computer, usually combining elements from different photographs into one working image. I then email you a proposed photographic mockup for the portrait. Upon your approval of the reference material, a 50% deposit is due, and I begin working on the full-size canvas.

3. Second Visit: After working on the painting in my studio, I ship the almost-completed portrait to you. I then travel for a final life sitting of about three hours to put finishing touches on the painting. During this session my aim is to enhance the portrait’s expression and carry out any reasonable alterations which you may request. Upon your approval of the finished portrait, the remaining balance is due. Depending on my workload at the time of your commission, you can expect to receive the finished painting about 6 months after the initial photo session.

Head & Shoulders $7,500.
    1/2 Figure $11,500.
    3/4 Figure $16,000.
    Full Figure $20,000.
    Additional Figures + 66%
    With Animals + $2,000.
    Sepia Head & Shoulders $3,000.

Pricing for children’s portraits are flexible, depending on the age (and size) of the child.
All shipping, framing, travel, and lodging fees are in addition to the prices listed above.

For more information or to discuss a commission please contact us.  Click 
here to review the Gallery's commission Policy.

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