It has been my great pleasure to show my work at the West End Gallery for many years now. In fact, I am in the midst of my 25th year there and have been honored with a solo exhibit in this fine gallery for the last 18 years.

It is not something I take lightly.

I try to use these annual shows to continue to expand my work, to grow beyond the expectations for it that have been formed in the past. There are generally changes, some small and subtle and some more extreme. But even though the work changes, I am always trying to maintain a high level of consistency in the way the work comes across and communicates with the viewer. And with this consistency I am seeking to transmit moments of beauty, of revelation, of truth, and of great questioning. I don’t know if these paintings are answers to any of those questions but they seem, for me at least, to be an avenue or a guidepost towards answers.

This is a show of consistency and great variety. There are subtle changes from the past along with new and greatly different additions, such as the Multitudes series of faces. It looks forward but also has nods to the past in a number of pieces. But even in the most diverse pieces in this show, I think you will see the continuity and consistency that I have long sought.

This new body of work is about using color and form to find light and beauty in an ever-darkening world.

GC Myers