About “Little Piggy”

I’m a perpetual still-life collector. While I was in Baton Rouge, LA about ten years ago, a couple had just moved in together and was holding a garage sale to let go of their overflow items. Little Piggy was among the items for sale and the original owner had clearly made a reluctant concession to let go of her. She had obviously made it through several moves and transitions; she needed a bath and still sits at an odd angle from having one of her legs reattached. It took seven years for her to start appearing in my paintings and once she made an appearance in my daily painting narratives she never left. Recently, she seemed to want a friend posse. I fell in love with works found locally – Queen Mossandra is a moss green piggy bank created by ceramicist Autumn Hargrove and Lady Lula is a glass work found at Vitrix on Market St. They each sing with their own personalities and stories yet to be told. They also seem to inspire greater adventurousness and bravery within Little Piggy. I can’t wait to see where these new friends lead me!

Christina Johnson