JohnsonWithLoveandFriendship - JohnsonWithLoveandFriendship

For me, finding light is making a choice to thrive and to nurture myself; to knowingly and intentionally practice self-care versus after-care.

As an artist who creates still-life narratives focused on the gathering of food and family, COVID caused uncertainty and discomfort in my studio. I spoke visually through the serenity of florals found on nature hikes and moments in my garden, focusing on expressing the comfort, peace, and joy that I sought out daily.

Recently, I’ve moved into a new home and studio, complete with all of the new chapter stress that comes along for the ride. I had to step back and remind myself that there needs to be a conscious willingness to nurture my mind and body. In January I made a commitment to nourish myself with food, and to engage in play while painting.

With Love & Friendship is a result of play and nurture, with Elle E Pants making her first appearance and a new beginning expressed with the joyful spring green of the apples.