“I like history, a lot. Reading and wondering how life went on in supposedly simpler times.  I was fascinated with the family photo albums, looking at these funky, low-tech, faded photos of distant and long gone relatives and their acquaintances.  Subsequently, I am drawn to any old photo, and what the story might be behind the image.  So I like to re-imagine the scene, the story, the person who might have looked out from those eyes with that special expression.  Fashions, etc., come and go, but the human condition gets passed on and we can relate.

On the technical side, I feel that I am better at drawing than painting.  The main image is rendered in pencil, using some of the techniques I’ve worked out for drawing on canvas. The painting part is to instill the color or tone that helps set the mood and style of the piece.  From an inspiring photo that took seconds to take, I spend anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days re-interpreting it until I feel “we are there”.  Also, I’m inspired by wonderful work by so many talented artists like Dean Cromwell, Paco Pomet, Lou Ros, Eddy Stevens, and Dan Voinea come to mind.

The last part of this artistic adventure is up to the viewer.  What thoughts and memories do these pictures conjure up for you?”

Edd Tokarz Harnas