Jennifer Miller – Federal Duck Stamp Artist, Signature Member Artists for Conservation (AFC) – Resident of Olean, NY, Cattaraugus County

Jennifer Miller lives just outside of her home town of Olean, NY, where she has spent most of her life surrounded by all she loves most: a natural setting of eastern deciduous forest and wildlife, where visiting birds are a special delight. In addition to the company of wild birds, Jennifer keeps a flock of pet chickens and is regularly entertained by their individual personalities. Indoors, her home is made more lively by the companionship of three parrots and a sassy domestic pigeon. The wild and domestic birds are endless inspiration for her work, even finding their way into her fantasy art, where the imaginative creatures are given the same attention to detail, anatomy, and behavior as their real counterparts. Birds have been a lifelong passion for Jennifer, and her love and devotion to them shines through in her artwork. Jennifer shares her life and adventures with her husband, Brian.

A love of exploring the natural world and enjoyment in learning about both flora and fauna often drives Jennifer and her work. Every walk outdoors is a nature walk and Jennifer participates as a hobbyist naturalist and citizen scientist. Her passion for conservation is echoed through her personal life; applying permaculture and strong habitat ideals to her property both in gardening, in restoring native flora to create better habitat, and powering her home with solar energy.

Jennifer’s work has won many awards, both nationally and internationally. Notably, one of her paintings won the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp competition, and became the 2015-2016 Federal Duck Stamp, which has gone on to raise millions of dollars for habitat conservation. She is also a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation.

“These paintings are a declaration of love and deep admiration for the subjects; it is easy to say that I love birds, but less easy to explain why. Their amazing feathers, voices, behaviors, shapes… the list would be very long, complex and rambling. I hope my paintings can give even the smallest glimpse of how endeared birds are to me. Some of my paintings drift into whimsy, as it’s hard not to feel dreamy about a beautiful bird.

Previously an artist of acrylics and digital mediums, in 2017 I was able to try oil painting for the first time, after learning that I could use oils without solvents or mediums. Oil painting and I have been great friends ever since, and I love exploring the beautiful luminosity and color that oils provide.“

Jennifer Miller