Sean M. Witucki (b. 1977) obtained his BS and MS in Visual Art Education from the State University of NY at Buffalo State.  Sean is primarily a self-taught artist, who is always focused on developing his skills in the techniques of the traditional masters.  He has been a drawing and painting instructor at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts since 2002.

Sean reveals a personal and contemporary expression of landscapes and still lifes which pay homage to his formative years. He spent much of his boyhood roaming the fields and woods on the edge of the Berkshire Mountains in Monson, Massachusetts.  This is where his understanding of the natural world took its roots.  This influence plays a major role in the subjects of Sean’s works.

In 2016 Sean had the honor of becoming a Hudson River Fellow with the Grand Central Atelier.  This experience has greatly influenced his work.

Having moved in his teens, Sean has made a home in Western New York with his wife and two children.

From the beginning as a small boy, I have been immersed in nature.  It is who I am as a person and as a painter. All of God’s creations lend infinite amounts of subject and inspiration to work from.  I have found traditional techniques best suit what I strive for visually.  It is what your soul feels when looking at a painting that matters to me.  The emotional response it creates.

The two ways I have chosen to express the beauty I see is in landscape and still life painting.  This direction allows me to show both God’s and man’s touch on the world around us.  The “Light” that both shed.  Within the landscape I strive to show majesty, intimacy, truth and strength of God’s creations.  In still life I choose subjects that create personal narratives with natural, historical and common place objects that can also resonate with many people.  It is a wonderful connection that I feel I am able to make with the viewer.

Sean Witucki