2022 Exhibit: Chaos & Light

“The title of this year’s edition of my annual solo exhibit at the West End Gallery is Chaos & Light. This will be my 21st solo outing at the West End Gallery, who has represented my work since 1995.

I chose Chaos & Light because many of us, especially in recent years, often feel as though we exist on the border between chaos and order. Much like the line separating the two sides of the yin and yang of eastern philosophy.

That is, no doubt, as it has always been throughout the history of man as we have always teetered on the precipice. But it seems even more pronounced in recent times. Chaos sometimes feels ready to overwhelm us with its darkness and uncertainty and the peril it offers.

But while the threat of chaos looms large, the opposing force of order is always close at hand. It comes in the forms of light and hope, of truth and tolerance.

In this show, chaos shows itself in the random slashing brushstrokes that make up the skies in many of my works. The landscapes beneath these chaotic skies attempt to create a sense of order using rich colors and the contrasts of light.

I believe that one of the main purposes of art is to illustrate this our existence in this world and to serve as a counterpoint to, and refuge from, the chaos that exists in this world.

I would like to say that the work in this show does just that but that is not for me to say. You have to be the judge of that.”

GC Myers


GC Myers is a contemporary painter from the Finger Lakes region of New York. He came to painting in mid-life as a result of an accident that occurred while building his home in the early 1990’s. What seemed like a bad break at the time was actually an act of good fortune as it gave him the time to obsessively pursue painting. After a little more than a year after beginning to paint, Myers began his career by first showing at Corning’s West End Gallery in early 1995. Since that time, Myers’ recognizable and unique landscapes have attracted a large following and are avidly collected both here and abroad. Myers’ landscapes are purely imaginary, reflecting emotion and feeling through the forms and colors in the paintings. His work incorporates rich, bold colors with strong organic forms and lines, all built on uniquely textured surfaces that give each piece an added dimension of depth that transforms the work on an emotional level. His use of iconic and recurring images such as his Red Tree and Red Roofs provide a line of continuity through his work that allows the viewer to easily engage and find their own perspective and feelings within the paintings. Myers’ work is constantly evolving and growing, which is displayed at the few solo exhibitions he does each year around the country. Over the years, he has had over 40 solo exhibitions at the galleries which represent his work. These solo exhibits have taken place at galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and California.