NEW! Aaron Rovner-Buck

Aaron Rovner-Buck

Aaron is newly represented by West End Gallery. We’re thrilled to welcome this very talented glass artist to the West End!

The product of two glassblowing parents, Aaron has been immersed in the world of glass and art since birth. Born and raised in Corning, New York “The Crystal City” and home of the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass, Aaron grew up watching and learning from the most prominent and influential glassblowers in the world. Aaron’s father worked at the Steuben glass factory, internationally known for its highly skilled, hand crafted lead-crystal glass creations. Aaron’s mother started the first public access glass studio in Corning in 1991, which she still owns and operates today.

Aaron strives to carry forward this deep history of glass within his own designs, while also bringing his own, more modern aesthetic to his creations. A combination of longstanding tradition and contemporary perspective are what make Aaron’s work timeless and unique.

“I draw inspiration from the deep history of glassblowing in my family and in my hometown. Growing up I was exposed to many different styles and points of view within the glass art community. I draw from the diversity and breadth of my upbringing in the glass world to inform my own designs.”

Aaron Rovner-Buck