Brian Hart

Brian Hart

Brian was most recently featured in our 2023 Spotlight Exhibit.

Images above are from Brian Hart’s 2023 Spotlight Exhibit

Images above are from Brian Hart’s 2022 Spotlight Exhibit

Images above are from Brian Hart’s 2021 Spotlight Exhibit

Images above are from Brian Hart’s 2020 Spotlight Exhibit

“As an artist, I am drawn to scenes where nature and man-made elements come together. Although I have painted many images that have included nature in its purest sense, such as wildlife art, what I find most intriguing as an artist is the perfect light on a stone archway or the reflection of a fishing boat on the mirror-like surface of the water. I have worked as a fine artist for 15 years. During this time, I have taken part in a number of national shows and received several awards on this stage. Since 1995, ten of my paintings have been juried into the Top 100 of the Arts for the Parks competition and in 1998 I earned the Award of Historical Merit. Working with Mill Pond Press, two of my paintings were made into limited edition prints for the Friends of the NRA and sold across the country. Each edition of 1,000 depicted historic events in America. In 2005, I received the President’s Award from American Artists Professional League. I strive to produce representational images that clearly define the structure of the world in which we live in evocative and dramatic ways. It is very easy to find beauty in the Finger Lakes region, however, I also find other regions and subjects to be compelling and inspiring. In addition to area landscapes I paint seascapes and cowboy paintings for galleries in New England and the West. I think it would be accurate to group me as multi-regionalist painter.”

Brian M. Hart 2022