Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz

Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz

Carolyn is newly represented by West End Gallery. We’re thrilled to welcome such a talented ceramic artist to the West End!

Please note: Artwork shown above are examples of Carolyn’s work. Each ceramic sculpture and glaze are unique. Due to the nature of handmade artwork, variations in shape, size and color will occur. Contact us at the Gallery directly to see what we currently have on display and available for sale. 

About Carolyn: Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz has loved and cared for animals her entire life. The daughter of a professor of Ecology, she grew up in the country-side, surrounded and captivated by the local flora and fauna. Often accompanying her father on his field trips, she became thoroughly grounded in the importance of the interrelationships between man and the other living things surrounding him.

She has a B.S. in Ecological Science, and has spent 25 years in the company of animals, working in, and then managing, a veterinary hospital. Since turning full-time to her art in 2006, she has been sculpting in clay and capturing the spirit of the animal world in her sculptures.

When you purchase one of Carolyn’s pieces, you are taking home a bit of her affection for the creatures who share our space.

Carolyn produces decorative animal jars, animal tiles and sculptures, pet urns and custom portraiture in tile and sculpture.

About Carolyn’s Wish Pots: Wish Pots are a Chinese tradition. It was believed if you wrote your wish on a piece of paper, rolled it up and placed it into the vessel, it would come true! Good luck charms were often kept inside as well.

Symbolism of Animal:
Frog: Prosperity, Healing, Good Luck, Protection of Children
Rabbit: Nurturing
Crow: Sacred, Wisdom
Fox: Feminine Magic, Intelligence, Provider
Pig: Honesty, Determination, Virility
Bat: Communication, Good Luck
Owl: Wisdom, Truth, Change
Bear: Mother, Gentle Strength
Polar Bear: Purity, Rebirth
Bird: Freedom, Hope, Joy
Turtle: Good Health, Protection

Symbolism of the Jasper Stone:
Jasper is a nourishing, protective stone, and creates good Feng Shui (fortune).

Symbolism of the Eternity Knot:
The Eternity Knot, placed on a gift, creates a positive link between the giver and receiver, creating good Karma for both.

About Carolyn’s Frog Reliquaries: A reliquary is a receptacle that contains a sacred object or treasure. According to Feng Shui tradition, an image of a frog near an eastern-facing window brings harmony into the home. The rune Symbol stands for “Harmony”