Dana Hawk

Dana Hawk

Dana was most recently featured in our 2020 Spotlight Exhibit.

Images above are from Dana’s 2020 Spotlight Exhibit

“I grew up in a small town west of St. Louis, MO. To be more specific, I grew up outside of that small town. My playmates were my dogs and I loved hanging out with them. They were always happy, ready to go for hikes in the woods and seemed to sense my emotions before anyone else. Perhaps my dog paintings are a tribute to these childhood canines, as life seems to have a way of balancing out the giving and taking. Like everyone else, I have a few interests and a lot of concerns. My first year as an art student, I was certainly interested in art, but definitely concerned that I wouldn’t end up earning enough income to pay back the student loans I was incurring. So I switched to science and practiced as a Physical Therapist for about a decade. I had a dual-life for about 9 of those years, until I was able to concentrate on painting full time in 2011. I believe that to paint anything well, an artist needs the ability to uncover a deeper level of truth about a subject, and this curiosity is what keeps me inspired. Dogs and other animals are a good source of inspiration for me because a relationship or an encounter with a dog is always real and unencumbered, and you can get to the truth of that dog’s personality very quickly. Usually that truth is pretty humorous, so it’s a very enjoyable quest for me.”

Dana Hawk

FAQ’s about commissioning a painting of your pet:

How much would a portrait of my pet cost?  My paintings start at $750 for a one-dog subject, with factors such as size and complexity of the background being variable. Including more than one pet or having a human subject will change the pricing structure.

Can you paint a portrait from one of my own photos?  The painting always comes out better if I work from photos that I shoot. This is most likely for a number of reasons, from my concentration on the lighting, to the fact that I take a ton of photos, and also that I get to meet the pet and get a feel for their personality.

What if I’m not in your area for a photo shoot?  Sometimes I get more than one person in an area interested in a painting, making it possible for me to fly or travel to you. If not, I can give you detailed directions on how to get photos of your pet for me.

What if my pet has passed away?  This situation is always heartbreaking. Unfortunately for the reasons above, I would not be able to do your pet justice in a portrait working from a few older snapshots.

How long does a portrait take to complete?  Paintings take me from 2 weeks to 2 months to complete, depending upon their size. If you are considering a portrait for a gift, please keep in mind that I sometimes have a waiting list.

Please contact us to get your commission started…

* Information above taken directly from the Artist’s website.