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David Buck

Dave was most recently featured in our 2019 Spotlight Exhibit at 171 Cedar Arts Center‘s Houghton Gallery.  Location: Drake House 155 Cedar Street, Corning, NY.

Blown glass tumblers are handmade in Corning, NY by local artist, David Buck. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly since it is handmade. Each piece is signed and dated by the artist.

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Please note: Artwork shown above are examples of David’s work. Each blown glass vessel is unique. Due to the nature of handmade artwork, variations in shape, size and color will occur. Contact us at the Gallery directly to see what we currently have on display and available for sale. 


David Buck began his career with glass in 1974 when he was hired by Corning Glass Works where he worked in some of their various glass forming facilities.  In 1984, he was offered an apprenticeship in the Steuben factory where he received his artistic glass-blowing training.  After 12 years with Corning Glass Works he quit and moved to Maui, HI where he feels he received his greatest inspiration for his current work.  In 1990 he moved back to Corning and helped co-found Studio Access to Glass, Corning’s first public teaching facility.  After 6 years of developing teaching programs, he spent the next 4 years as Head Technician at the Corning Museum’s new public teaching facility.  Tired of the corporate life David and long-time friend Richard Williamee opened their own studio in Lindley, NY, located just outside of Corning.  David currently resides in Corning, NY.


“For me, glass is the greatest material available for expressing my creative energy.”

David Buck