Illeen Kaplan

Ileen Kaplan

Ileen was most recently featured in our 2022 “Summer Synergy” exhibit in collaboration with 171 Cedar Arts Center.

Images above are from Ileen’s 2022 “Summer Synergy” Exhibit

Images above are from Ileen’s 2020 Spotlight Exhibit

“I am a painter living in the glorious Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. In my paintings I try to capture everything about a moment in time: the light, the feeling, the sense of space, the action, the stillness. My paintings are colorful and I presently work in oil. Although I have also used acrylic paints as well. My work is representational, yet I don’t strive for photorealism. In all of my paintings, whether they are still life, portraits, landscapes or cityscapes, I try to connect with the subject, so that by the time I am finished I feel like I have inhabited the scene. I hope the viewer does as well.”

Ileen Kaplan