Treacy Ziegler

Treacy Ziegler

Treacy is currently featured in our main exhibit. Click HERE to view.

Artwork shown above is from Treacy Ziegler’s 2022 Exhibit.

“My intention in creating art is irrelevant.  I like to believe that art exists in a state of ‘without why’ and ‘just because’.  Not in the sense that the art speaks for itself as this suggests that the art has to fit into the conceptual space of language.  And not in the sense of art for art’s sake as this alternatively suggests that art exists outside the unity of living experience. Art needs no language; it is tacit. Call it unvoiced; or better, pre-voice.  However, having said that, in developing art, I must begin at some reference point of experience.  I begin with specific space, form, light and shadow in which these elements are evocative and, again, without voice, without a why.  I follow this initial reference point, a place, a room, in a certain mood following an aesthetic path rather than a thinking one.  My guides along the way are color harmony, composition and light and shadow.   The residual narrative is a trace of the original reference point.”

Treacy Ziegler

What is a monoprint?

A monoprint is a print, often an etching, and despite its name can be “editioned”, meaning that there can be more than one single print created of a particular image. However, each print created in the edition is unique. In a monoprint, some elements of the print are consistent within the edition, while other elements (such as color, in-painting, arrangement of elements) are different. In these color monoprints I have used multiple plates — each color requires a different plate. The first plate that is printed is the black “key” plate. This plate is printed beneath the colors and is often obscured by the subsequent colors. This key plate has an etched image and it carries most of the “drawing” aspects of the print. For the most part, this plate provides the consistent element throughout the editioning of the monoprints. 

Having said this, however, even this black plate is inked depending upon my whims. The color plates that are printed on top of this basic black-inked image are all unique.  By this I mean that there is no existing image on the plate that I have to adhere to; these plates are blank until I re-ink the plate.   Every plate is re-colored before each monoprint is made; therefor I am constantly changing the palette and the overall appearance of each unique print. In this sense, each plate becomes a new image and only a unique print can be created. Once the print has been made I often goes back and rework areas that I decide to rework.  Because of the complexity of this process, only 5 to 6 prints can be created.

Many people confuse a monoprint with a “monotype”. A monotype is only one image, painted on one surface, and then printed onto another surface (usually paper). ~ Treacy Ziegler